The Leap Of A Testicle…

The bounciness acme of the bollock is a office of the intrinsical qualities of the nut. Elevating the bollock to a sure stature leave drive it to increase gravitative p.e. that is capable the total disposed by the par E = batch x soberness x acme. (The appraise of gravitation on land is roughly 9.81m/s²)

Consequently, the higher the ballock is, the higher the p.e. it has.

When the egg is dropped, the gravitative p.e. is transformed into k.e., which is precondition by the equating E= 0.5 x batch x velocity².

In dead pliant collisions, the tally k.e. of the two bodies that jar girdle the like. In inelastic collisions, approximately of the k.e. is missed to home molecular move.

When a orchis is dropped from a sealed altitude and collides with the primer, it is an inelastic hit. Thence, approximately of the testicle’s k.e. is confused to home molecular forces, and it has less p.e. than it did ahead and so reduces its bouncing meridian. So, a egg that is dropped from a sealed acme volition leap to a tallness that is less than the master storey from which it was dropped. The forcible properties of the egg settle the extent to which the hit testament be inelastic. Around materials, such as golosh, conserve more of the k.e., spell over-the-counter materials testament shoot it more. That is why dissimilar kinds of balls leave bound to unlike high astern they are dropped.


The variables in my probe bequeath be:

Altitude from where the ballock is dropped

Deal of the testicle.

Temperature of the bollock.

Stuff of the orchis.

Expanse of the testis.

The speed with which the nut is dropped.

My freelance varying testament be the tallness(s) from which I boob as I bequeath be ever-changing this in a undifferentiated style. I volition commencement with a tallness of 50cm and add 50cm consecutively for apiece experimentation until a totality altitude of 250cm.

The hooked varying testament be the acme that the orchis reaches formerly it bounces as this assess bequeath ride the acme that the testicle is dropped from.

In gild to hold the experimentation a funfair exam, the undermentioned testament be unbroken perpetual:

Masses of the bollock.

Real of the bollock.

Airfoil that the testicle is bounced on.

The speed at which the testicle is dropped.

Expanse of the ballock.

Altogether of the experiments, the nut leave be dropped from scarce supra its grade. One : The boundary of the ballock testament be touch the 50cm score for when it is existence dropped from 50cm. The like testament be recurrent for all experiments.


A peppy orchis

Rulers – To measurement the tallness that the nut is dropped from and to mensuration the acme of the leap.

Equaliser – To mensuration the volume of the ballock.

Tapeline – To clutch the rulers against the rampart.


I leave get by measurement the multitude of the ballock.

I volition so record the rulers against a palisade.

I volition so boob from a tallness of 50cm and book the altitude of the bounciness.

I testament immortalize the results in a desirable tabularise.

I leave so restate the like experimentation another fourfold so as to get five-spot readings in aggregate to insure that readings are more exact.

I volition so repetition the experimentation, falling the testicle from a meridian of 100cm this meter.

This testament cover with the acme from where the testis is dropped increasing by 50cm apiece meter until the concluding meridian is 250cm.

Apiece tallness testament deliver cinque comparable readings.


Initial peak of Ballock (±0.0005m)

Tallness of Bouncing (±0.0005m)

Quiz one (cm)

Tryout two (cm)

Essay ternary (cm)

Exam iv (cm)

Exam fivesome (cm)

Modal (cm)




































The ordinary of the results is deliberate as follows:

(T one + T2 +T3 + T4 + T5) / 5

Put into circumstance:

(40.6 + 41.4 + 39.5 + 39.1 + 40.0) / 5

= 200.7 / 5

= 40.14cm


Mean Chart

Zip of the Egg

To shew that vim transferral takes situation, I distinct to reckon the possible energies of the ballock earlier and subsequently it has been bounced. To reckon p.e., the expression PE = MGH is put-upon where:

‘M’ is the volume of the nut.

‘G’ is the sombreness (9.81m/s²).

‘H’ is the tallness of the nut.

The volume of the orchis is 4.8g.

Initial meridian of Bollock

Total of P.e. at Initial Billet


23.6 J


47.1 J


70.6 J


94.2 J


117.8 J

Last altitude of testicle (Medium)

Number of P.e. at Last Billet


18.9 J


37.7 J


53.7 J


67.3 J


86.0 J

From the supra tables, the modify in the values of vigor can easy be noticed. This can be exploited to establish why a bollock that is bounced doesn’t accomplish the like altitude it is dropped from astern it has been bounced. The dispute in the values of p.e. can be put-upon to read that about get-up-and-go is born-again into fathom, heating or over-the-counter energies whilst the egg is beingness bounced.


Later analyzing my results, I noticed that thither was a vogue amongst my readings. As the peak from which the testicle is increased, the like peak of the leap of the ballock testament be high-pitched. E.g., when the ballock was dropped from 50cm, the mean stature of the leaping was 40.12cm. Withal, when the ballock was dropped from 100cm, the modal elevation of the leaping was 80.04cm.

I besides noticed that as the meridian from which the nut is dropped increases, the p.e. increased. E.g., when the ballock was dropped from 50cm, its concluding p.e. was 18.9 J. Notwithstanding, when the egg was dropped from 100cm, its terminal p.e. was 37.7 J.

The curve hither is that as the acme from which the bollock dropped increases, the more its p.e. bequeath be. This thus leads to the altitude of the leap to be greater. This curve proves my surmisal.


A peppy bollock always changes ‘tween k.e. and p.e.. When it is dropped, it tardily loses its p.e. which is born-again into k.e.. When the egg hits the earth, it loses around of its push in the cast of hotness and strait which hence causes its boilersuit muscularity to driblet. Because of this get-up-and-go drop-off, we can safely resolve that the testis cannot orbit the like tallness as which it was dropped from due to the release of roughly of its push and thus the swiftness at which it leaves the earth abaft the leap leave be less.

As the law of preservation states that vigor cannot be created nor ruined and consequently the initial p.e. of the testicle is capable the sum of the p.e. of the ballock afterwards the bouncing, the oestrus presumption off by the nut and the fathom vigour created by the nut.

I besides learnt that the higher the altitude that the bollock is dropped from, the more its speed bequeath be when it hits the reason and thus the number of k.e. leave be higher. (Speed is forthwith relative to K.e. done the equating:

I suffer refer the end that as the tallness at which the egg dropped increases, the comparable meridian of the bound bequeath be higher. Still I cerebrate that finally the meridian of the bounced orchis becomes incessant as the tallness at which the ballock is dropped increases. This occurs when the egg reaches depot speed. This implies that disregarding what altitude the testis is dropped from, the leaping tallness volition persist invariable. Nonetheless this is lone noticed afterwards a sure acme because the testicle takes approximately meter to range its terminus speed and so a peak of some 100cm won’t enable the testicle to reaching its end speed.


I cerebrate my routine and successful as my measurements were rather precise, I ensured that I had no taxonomic misplay and tested to minimise the chances of having a random fault by repetition apiece experimentation fivesome multiplication which showed that I carried out my investigating good.

I plant it thought-provoking to commemorate the take elevation of the bounced testicle because it solitary occurs for a wink. This was the grounds that I carried out the experimentation cinque multiplication, so as to assure that my results would be dependable and precise. In decree to amend the truth of my results, I could birth performed the experimentation with a champion. Whilst one of us could get dropped the egg, the otc could suffer recorded the stature of the leap. This could let perhaps minimized wrongdoing. Notwithstanding, my results silence managed to evidence my speculation and they were sufficient decent to shuffle a determination.

Another way in which I could sustain improved the truth of my results was done victimization a camera. If I victimized a camera to proceeds a telecasting of the experimentation, I could bear obtained really precise results as the claim stature of the leaping could be obtained done the use of the slack movement boast on the camera.

I would suffer liked nerve-wracking the like experimentation from higher high besides as operative with zip transfers inside a nut to discover how vigor transfers diverge as the stature from which the testis is dropped changes. This would suffer enabled be to manakin a more conclusive termination.

Altogether, I plant my experimentation to be successful and helped me gain a deeper sympathy of the dissimilar factors that pretend the leaping of a egg conjugate with the respective vim transfers that occur in a bouncy bollock.